in stone
creation: Ambika Raina
performance: Claire Crause, Kasia Reilly, Luna Lemus-Bromley, Caty Raupp, Noie Porat
dramaturgy: Willie Filkowski
music: Evan Haywood, excerpts of "Sangwa Duepa Buddhist Chant" c. 1989 JVC, wood pulses by Chris Sies
2015 Triskelion Arts, NYC
2015 University of Michigan

in stone is an infinite forever-world inspired by the coexistence of ancient and contemporary. It is a meditative trance where time is slowed and nothing "happens". Inspired by the juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary, it explores repetition and ritual as a means to grow, even when we appear to have arrived back where we started.

photos by Dan Chern

video by Tyler Besh